Expand Your Living Space
… And Your Life

Take a look at the photos and descriptions below for ideas on features you may wish to include.

It’s a beautiful day.
A fiery sunset is on the horizon

And all you want to do is hang out outside in your own private world. We get it. That’s what creating an outdoor environment is all about. And that’s what we do best. We’re specialists at creating intricate outdoor living areas. Which means we not only design and build outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, patios and water features – we also integrate the elements that make them functional…and magical.

From appliances to utility lines and water filters, we flawlessly incorporate the works. And from accent lighting to stereo sound, we expertly blend in the wow. The result is an outdoor environment like no other. A custom room under the stars ideal for entertaining or just enjoying.

Get Cooking With An
Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen takes al fresco dining to an elevated level. A true extension of your home, a great outdoor kitchen design requires extra forethought and planning. Some considerations include:

• Task areas for food prep, cooking and cleanup
• Illumination
• Shelter from sun, wind and rain
• Gas and electric utility lines
• Proximity to the house for convenience
• Arrangement of grill to direct smoke away
• Durable materials

From a built-in grill station to a full-blown kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances — our designers and installers can take you from simple cook-out to catered gatherings with ease. With our expert outdoor kitchen team, you’ll enjoy more fresh air meals than ever before, day and night, season in and season out.

Landing on the Perfect
Patio and Pool Deck

Like a living room for the outdoors, a patio provides a defined area for dining, entertaining, relaxing or play. And a pool deck invites you to lounge and make the most of sunny days.

Together, they offer an opportunity to mix and match surfaces for a backyard that is uniquely yours.

So ask yourself, do you prefer a casual or formal design? One with walkways and stepping stones to invite exploration? A built-in grill station for al fresco brunches? Maybe a fire pit or fireplace for cozy evenings that last long after summer has gone? We are proficient at all these options. And we can expertly incorporate your preferences into your overall design.

Hardscapes To Set
You A Flicker

Come linger into the night by the warmth of a crackling fire. The allure is timeless. And loved by all. With a fireplace or fire pit, evenings outdoors become cozy experiences that extend into autumn and beyond.

Scaled to suit your property and customized to suit your dreams — our masonry craftsmen construct focal-point fireplaces and fire pits of natural stone, brick, concrete and other locally-sourced materials.

Options include:

• Outdoor masonry fireplace
• Pre-assembled decorative block fireplace
• Permanent fire fit
• Portable fire pit or chimney
• Wood burning
• Gas burning

With so many options available, there’s a fire feature to bring light and warmth to your outdoor environment. One that complements your budget, style and size of your yard.

Your Pinehurst designer can expertly assist with making the choice that works best for you.