The Brilliance of Artful
Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Just as an interior designer would highlight areas within your walls

Pinehurst’s outdoor lighting experts do the same without. The result is a creative play of light and shadow. An inviting glow where focal points exist. Safe passage on steps come nightfall.

Whether residential or commercial, we illuminate to expand your usable space.
Eliminating spooky corners. Highlighting areas of interaction. Using an array of specialty fixtures that are thoughtfully integrated into your overall design.

We make careful use of low-voltage LED lights that are more affordable than traditional offerings. Durable and long-lasting, our outdoor lighting is chosen and installed to withstand the elements while adding beauty to your property.

More complex than indoor lighting systems, Pinehurst’s lighting pros maintain fixtures, timers and wiring to ensure their efficiency and safety throughout.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Applications Including...

  • Walkways, steps and areas of entry
  • Outdoor Kitchen areas of cooking, prep and cleanup
  • Driveways and garages
  • Focal point accents on water features, retaining walls and statuary