A Garden Where Both You
and The Flora Can Thrive

With Our Planting and Landscape Installation

You’ve chosen the plants you love

We’ve settled on a design for your project. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and let the dirt fly! The actual planting and installation process is a seamless operation thanks to our landscape designers who act as project managers and communicate with you throughout.

Our landscape designers, and our team of technicians, will:

  • Determine if existing plants can be integrated or should be removed
  • Conduct a site evaluation to determine logistical needs
  • Amend the soil as necessary
  • Grade as needed
  • Complete all pre-installation tasks to ensure plantings thrive

If we are installing retaining walls, patios, water features, fire pits, outdoor kitchens or other amenities, we take the time to carefully prep the area before installation crews are onsite. When they arrive, your project manager works closely with them to keep everything on schedule and in budget. Upon completion, we’ll mulch, water, and clean up like the pros we are.

We’ll keep your
garden looking great

Installation is complete. Everyone’s gone. But we’re still with you. We stay available to you afterwards to answer questions and concerns, for as long as you may have them. Rest assured, our dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. We have every confidence that you’ll enjoy the process as much as the end result.