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July 1, 2016
small trees crepe myrtle
You can rest easy knowing that this small crepe myrtle tree will never grow big enough to overpower the surrounding plants.

Perhaps your neighbors just planted a tidy row of Leyland Cypresses, and you’re so enamored with them you’d like to have some in your yard as well. However, if your yard is substantially smaller than your neighbors, those young Leyland Cypresses could grow into a big problem. Before you know it, the shrub border around your home has grown so tall that it’s blocking the view out of your windows and overtaking the balance of your entire landscape.

When we create designs for our clients, we take situations like this into account during the planning stage. No matter how much you love the Leyland Cypress, if you have a small yard, you may not have room for it when it’s full grown. Here are some small trees that look charming in a small backyard.

Smaller Crepe Myrtle

Not to be confused with “Natchez” Crepe Myrtle, which grows up to 30-35 feet tall, the smaller varieties of Crepe Myrtle grow no taller than 10-12 feet and look great in a small backyard. Consider these varieties for some backyard charm: “Acoma” (white flowers, 6-10 feet tall), “Early Bird” (white or purple, 6-8 feet), “Siren Red” (dark red, 8-10 feet tall), “Velma’s Royal Delight” (rich purple, 4-6 feet), “Zuni” (lavender, 6-10 feet), “Pink Velour” (neon pink, 10-12 feet), and “Tonto” (red, 10-12 feet).

Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple features prominently in one of our recent featured projects. We chose the Japanese Maple for this small, urban shade garden because if fit the surroundings without feeling overwhelming. These small trees are slow-growing, eventually reaching a maximum of 15 feet over a long period of time. Plus, they offer brilliant red, orange, and yellow foliage in the fall.

“Little Girl” Magnolia

With different members of the “Little Girl” group of Magnolias having names like “Betty”, “Ann”, and “Jane”, these petite Magnolias add some girlish charm to the home. These small Magnolia hybrids only grow to about 10-15 feet and produce reddish pink flowers from late spring throughout the summer.

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