Tree transplanting5 Types of Perennials You Can Plant This Fall

November 17, 2017
5 Types of Perennials You Can Plant This Fall
Why replant flowers every year when you don’t need to?

Incorporating perennials in your fall landscaping is an easy way to enjoy a fuller, longer blooming season for your garden, without the hassle of replanting flowers every year. Ideally, you should visit a garden center and take a peek at what is blooming in the fall months. However, not every garden center will have a full array of grown fall-blooming perennials. If you have a specific flower or plant in mind for your landscape in the fall, it behooves you to do some pre-planning and buy them in the spring or summer when they may be more readily available at the garden center, then wait until fall to transplant them into your yard. Keep in mind when the ground freezes solid in your region, as you should plant your flowers at least six weeks before the ground freezes.


These classic fall flowers are a staple in most perennial landscaping, for good reason! One glance in a garden center, you’ll see rows of potted chrysanthemums, with their wide variety of colors, from yellow to purple. Mums, as they are often called, are also cost-effective, so they’re perfect for the budget-conscious landscaper as well. With the proper care, they will come back and flower year after year.

Japanese Anemones

These late-summer blooming flowers can bring a refined look to your autumn landscape as they continue blooming through frost. Unlike mums that can take to gardens right away, Japanese anemones need a few years to become established in a landscape, but afterwards require very little maintenance. Their flowers come in a few colors: varying shades of pinks and purples to white, and will do wonders in brightening up a shady garden.


Also called Helenium, the Sneezeweed plant has beautiful daisy-like flowers; they come in yellow, orange, deep red, and variegated varieties. If you like butterflies in your garden, the sneezeweed is the perfect addition because butterflies love the pollen on the brown head of the flower. Unlike it’s namesake, the sneezeweed won’t cause a flare in your fall allergies. The name comes from an ancient practice of drying the leaves to make snuff in order to drive out “evil spirits” through sneezing.

Bee Balm

You’ll make all the beekeepers in your neighborhood happy by planting gorgeous Bee Balm, or ‘Monarda’ flowers. These blooms look like fireworks and come in a wide variety of colors: deep purple, red, and magenta to lavender, blush pink, and white. Not only do they attract bees, but they’ll also draw hummingbirds and butterflies as well to your fall landscaping.

Autumn Joy

Planting Autumn Joy, or Sedum, will ensure you have beautiful flowers basically from spring to late fall. This flower is a tried-and-true low maintenance, hardy plant that is perfect for beginner or busy landscapers. Autumn Joy comes in one color, but changes throughout the season. They bloom initially as light pink and then become darker throughout the summer and eventually fade to a deep copper in the fall. Bees and butterflies also are very attracted to these plants, so before you know it, you’ll have a fall landscape full of life and blooming flowers!

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