The Pinehurst NurseryChoose Among 120 Acres Of Plants & Trees

It’s a rare and wonderful thing. Our very own nursery where you can see, touch and select plants and trees for your landscape design.

Not only does this give you the advantage of not relying on drawings and photographs for a sense of the finished landscape – it gives you a selection of the highest quality plantings available. We guarantee it. A two-year guarantee on trees and shrubs. Double the industry standard!

Another perk of Pinehurst is our selection of fully-grown trees. We have the rare ability to transport and transplant extra large trees that provide shade and a finished look. All without waiting years for saplings to grow.

It’s a joyful experience being among the rows of colorful flourishing specimens. One that will inspire you to choose plants that speak to you, match your aesthetic, and be a reflection of who you are.

Of course, our experts will assist in making selections that suit your environment and design. Together, we’ll create a roster of choices that bring color, texture and fragrance to your landscape for year-round beauty.

Nursery Highlights:

  • A rarity among landscape enterprises
  • 120 acres of trees & plantings
  • Exceptional quality & 2-year guarantee
  • Interact and choose plants in person
  • The benefit of selection with an expert
  • Mature trees available
  • Natural stone choices available for your selection
  • Visits available by appointment

Let's Design Together

Our team of talented landscape architects, foreman and crewmembers are committed to customer satisfaction. For our clients this translates as exceptional service from a dedicated team that has worked together effectively for years and can efficiently complete a project to the highest standards.
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