During the winter months, landscape design and maintenance is probably not near the front of your mind but consider some of the benefits there are for maintaining and pruning your trees and plants in the winter. Because most of your plants will be dormant, it’s healthier for them because it lessens the chance of diseases and insect infestations from getting in at your cut points. Although it’ll be cold outside, your plants will be prepared to grow and thrive in the spring.

Do you have trees on your property? Many of us do; however, not everyone knows how to prune them correctly. Several species of trees can benefit from pruning. Not only does pruning improve the look of your outdoor landscape, but is beneficial to the overall health of a tree. For these reasons, here is a brief overview of tree pruning.

When addressing your landscaping maintenance, the look and health of your trees should be a top priority. Trees are often a focal point for many landscaping designs and ensuring that they remain in excellent condition will enhance the look of your property. Also, taking the time to prune your trees could end up saving you time and money in the future. With that said, here is what you need to know about pruning a tree.

Rejuvenation pruning is crucial to keeping your landscaping in beautiful shape all year long, reducing the chance of accidents occurring, and allowing visitors to easily see your home or business. Just like with many things, timing is everything when it comes to rejuvenation pruning. Here’s the lowdown on what exactly rejuvenation pruning is and when the best time to get it done is.

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