When addressing your landscaping maintenance, the look and health of your trees should be a top priority. Trees are often a focal point for many landscaping designs and ensuring that they remain in excellent condition will enhance the look of your property. Also, taking the time to prune your trees could end up saving you time and money in the future. With that said, here is what you need to know about pruning a tree.

Quality landscaping and hardscaping can seem like a confusing ordeal full of planning, designing, planting, and maintenance. However, once you start to view the layers of your landscaping, it can be quite easy and interesting to tackle your landscape. Here are the five main layers of your landscaping.

While houses throughout the country wake up to lawnmowers and weed whackers buzzing all spring and summer long, there are many lawn care tasks you should continue doing through the year. If you are really committed to setting your lawn apart from the rest, here are five easy lawn care tasks to do year-round for a beautiful lawn every day of the year.

There are people who love spending hours gardening, taking care of their landscaping, and dreaming up ways to incorporate more flowers into their yards. Then, there’s you! There’s nothing wrong with favoring a low maintenance landscape over something more complicated. Here are four of our favorite steps to making your home’s landscape low maintenance.

Rejuvenation pruning is crucial to keeping your landscaping in beautiful shape all year long, reducing the chance of accidents occurring, and allowing visitors to easily see your home or business. Just like with many things, timing is everything when it comes to rejuvenation pruning. Here’s the lowdown on what exactly rejuvenation pruning is and when the best time to get it done is.

The chill of winter is in the air and ice is coating windshields every morning, but those who love the outdoors are already planning for the warmth and new growth of spring! Figuring out when to mulch in spring can be difficult, especially in states like Maryland that have frost and chilly mornings well into the spring. Here are some easy tips for determining when you should mulch in spring.

You may be focusing on getting your landscape ready for winter: stocking up on sidewalk salt, removing dead annuals, and tying back shrubs. But did you know that now is also a great time to do some planting? That’s right, while you’re pulling out annuals that are done for the year, you can also put in some new perennials or dig up a big perennial, split it, and plant the separate parts in different parts of the garden to flourish. There are three reasons why fall is a great time to get planting.

After you have a brand new landscape installed, you know that you have to put in a certain amount of landscape maintenance to keep it healthy and beautiful. You water your landscape, deadhead flowers, prune trees, and rake leaves. Another important part of maintaining a landscape is keeping an eye out for infestations. The moment you see a tree, shrub, flower, or other plant that looks unhealthy, it’s important to have a professional come to treat it right away. An untended infestation could spread, killing the plant and spreading to others. This not only creates a bigger and more expensive problem to fix, but it can also be dangerous. A dead tree is unstable, and dead branches have a chance of falling on those passing by underneath the tree. To prevent the damage of infestation, make sure you look out for these warning signs.

If you have the privilege of owning or caring for an historic property, then you no doubt go to great lengths to preserve the historical accuracy of the property. There are several methods a professional landscape company uses to preserve and conserve historic landscapes. We work with you to find plants that reflect the history of your property, protect and care for existing historical plants and structures, and plan out the future of your property. Here are a few ways that historic landscapes are cared for.

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