Seasonal maintenanceWhy You Should Be Pruning in the Winter

February 16, 2018
Why You Should Be Pruning in the Winter
Spend some time pruning the trees and plants this winter! It will set up for success later in the year.

During the winter months, landscape design and maintenance is probably not near the front of your mind but consider some of the benefits there are for maintaining and pruning your trees and plants in the winter. Because most of your plants will be dormant, it’s healthier for them because it lessens the chance of diseases and insect infestations from getting in at your cut points. Although it’ll be cold outside, your plants will be prepared to grow and thrive in the spring.


When there are no leaves or flowers on the branches of your trees and shrubs, it’s much easier to examine the form and structure. It’ll be much easier to see if there is any branch damage or disease that you need to address. It’ll also be much easier to prune those branches when there aren’t any leaves or other foliage blocking your view.

Premature Growth

When you choose to do your last pruning before winter in the late summer or fall, there will still be enough time for your tree to grow, but not harden before the winter. In the winter, because the tree or shrub is already dormant, you won’t have to worry about this type of growth.

Energy Reserves

When you prune in the winter, you are giving the branches some time to store up extra root and energy reserves for the upcoming spring. This reserve will help them heal wounds and grow stronger.

Listen to Your Plants

Although winter is a great time of year to prune for all the previously stated reasons, it’s important to listen to the needs of your trees, plants, and shrubs. If you have the type of plants on your property that respond better to pruning at a different time of year, you should schedule to do that type of maintenance during that time of year. It’s always a good rule to follow, to ask yourself before you make any cuts, “why am I removing this branch?” That way, all your pruning will be purposeful and limit damaging your trees, plants, or shrubs.

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