Seasonal maintenanceWhy is Mulching Necessary?

November 28, 2017
Why is Mulching Necessary?
Mulching will benefit your landscape on many levels!

Mulching is a necessary step to keep the overall health of your landscape in good condition. Gardeners use many different materials to mulch, including bark chips, compost, and even manure. When working on your landscape, remember the importance of mulching to maintain a beautiful and appealing outdoor space. If this is a step that you’ve been skipping, here are some of the benefits that make mulching necessary.


When mulching, it’s important to consider the climate in which you live. In regions where the temperature regularly fluctuates, deep mulching will protect your soil and plants from harsh and extreme temperature changes. In spring, when temperatures range from cool and wet to progressively getting warmer, start with a light layer of mulch and then increase to deep mulching for hot and drier weather. In the fall, protect and nourish your garden with fertilizers and green mulch.


Mulch is an organic and necessary way to insulate the soil around your garden or plants. It protects the roots from extreme weather and fluctuations. The mulch covers the roots and other soil organisms so that they can continue growing despite the weather changes.

Soil Health

Worms, insects, and other soil organisms are all necessary components to the health of your garden and landscape. They do this by breaking down the mulch and enriching the soil. If your landscape is sloped or you often deal with erosion from the rain, mulching is an effective preventive measure that will protect your soil from erosion.  


By covering the soil in your garden and on your landscape, the mulch reduces evaporation after rain or from your sprinkler system. Therefore, adequate levels of moisture will remain in the soil to feed your plants and vegetables. It will also reduce the amount of water that your landscape will need as it makes those watering times more efficient.


If you find yourself continually pulling weeds from your landscape, mulching is a great way to reduce weeds. Covering your soil with mulch limits the amount of sunlight that feed the weeds and prevents weed seeds from getting into your soil.

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