Seasonal maintenanceWhen to Do Rejuvenation Pruning

February 10, 2017
rejuvenation pruning
Pruning promotes healthy growth by getting rid of dead and diseased limbs.

Rejuvenation pruning is crucial to keeping your landscaping in beautiful shape all year long, reducing the chance of accidents occurring, and allowing visitors to easily see your home or business. Just like with many things, timing is everything when it comes to rejuvenation pruning. Here’s the lowdown on what exactly rejuvenation pruning is and when the best time to get it done is.

Rejuvenation Pruning 101

Rejuvenation pruning removes diseased, damaged, and dying limbs from bushes, trees, and shrubs in your yard so that healthy growth can occur in the spring. It can also help to reduce overcrowding and any overgrowth. Light pruning can happen throughout the growing season, but rejuvenation pruning is typically done during the off season for a more dramatic impact.

Should You Prune Your Trees & Shrubs?

Take a walk around your property and see if you notice any of the following:

  •      Weak tree limbs that are hanging over walkways, your roof, your driveway, or your deck
  •      Shrub growth that is spilling over onto walkways
  •     Trees or shrubs that block directional signs

Especially if you have a commercial property, rejuvenation pruning is critical for making sure that all visitors to your property stay safe. Making a positive first impression is hard to do with messy overgrown bushes and dead tree limbs. Making a positive first impression is even harder to do if a dead tree limb falls on a car in your parking lot! By finishing rejuvenation pruning you can have greater peace of mind about all visitors to your property.

What Does Rejuvenation Pruning Involve?

Rejuvenation pruning typically offers you:

  •      Thinned out branches that will have increased air flow and sunlight
  •      Getting rid of crossed branches that can cause damage to trees and property
  •      Encouraging healthy growth in all of your landscaping
  •      Encouraging flower and fruit growth once spring rolls around

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