Seasonal maintenanceTips On Caring For Summer Trees

June 30, 2017
Caring for your trees is crucial during the warm, summer months.

The second the weather gets warm, people want to extend their livable space and partake in the beautiful weather with some outdoor living. After the cold winter, people are excited to be out in the sun again. However, seasonal maintenance is key to your outdoor living experience. Happy, green trees and a healthy lawn can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you care for your property during the warmer months.

Mulching Is Key

If you didn’t do your mulching in the spring, it is not too late. This step is important to take as soon as you can because it has several benefits. This includes minimizing weed competition, keeping soil temperatures stable, and helping to maintain healthy and moist soil. Do this by forming a donut shape in mulch around the tree. However, be sure that this mulch does not touch the trunk.

Irrigation Is Important

We water our lawns, flowers, crops, and plants during the summer months. In addition, it is also necessary to water your trees. This can be especially important if you have young or newly planted trees. These vulnerable trees need an average of an inch of water a week to be healthy. Opt for deeper applications of water less often for the best possible results.  

Don’t Forget Fertilization  

Another step toward seasonal maintenance in the warmer months is making sure they have all of the nutrition they need to thrive. Proper nutrition will support leaf and shoot growth, and keep pests and diseases at bay. If your trees are growing in a high-stress area, which includes urban and suburban environments, they will need more help than trees in natural areas. Make sure they have what they need and they will make your landscape beautiful.

Pruning Helps

Tree pruning is both a science and a careful art. While the vast majority of trimming should be done during the dormant season for the health of the tree, summer pruning can be very necessary depending on certain circumstances. These include dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Branches like this need to be pruned as soon as possible to protect the health and wellness of your entire tree.

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