Seasonal maintenanceWhy You Should Steer Clear of Fall Pruning

October 28, 2016
fall pruning
You may want to prune in the fall, but now is the time to focus on other tasks!

Right now, it’s likely that you’re preparing for winter by raking leaves, mulching, and removing plants that won’t make it through the winter. Amid all the winter prep hustle, you may be thinking about pulling out the pruning shears and doing a little fall pruning while you’re at it. Although it’s good to be actively tidying up your landscape before the winter, you may want to keep the pruning shears in the garden shed.

Why Should I Avoid Fall Pruning?

Why do we prune plants in the first place? Pruning is a great way to clear out thick, overgrown branches. Pruning is also a way to stimulate growth; it often takes place in the spring, when you want to encourage your trees to grow more flowers or fruit. In the fall, most trees are getting ready to go dormant for the winter. Pruning them now, especially on a warm day, would encourage sap to flow up the tree. Then, when we’re hit with a cold day, the tree is not prepared.

Know When to Prune

If you are really excited to start pruning, try waiting until the dead of winter. By then, the tree is already dormant and can stand the pruning. If you’re willing to wait for the best time to prune, then wait until spring.

It’s a good rule of thumb to never prune on a wet day. The moisture can help to spread disease. Also, make sure that your tools are nice and clean before you start the job, especially if you’ve just been cutting diseased branches. This will help to control disease and keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

Do Your Homework

So, now you know to avoid fall pruning. But do you know when the most optimal time for pruning is for each individual plant in your landscape? Do you know where to cut the branch? Do you know which branch to cut if two branches are rubbing against each other?

Pruning is more than just removing branches. Most novice gardeners tend to prune too much, rather than too little. If it’s your first time pruning, be sure to do a little research to make sure you’re prepared. And if you’d rather not try pruning by yourself, you can call Pinehurst Landscape Company for some seasonal maintenance!

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