Seasonal maintenanceHow to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs from Harsh Winter Weather

December 19, 2016
harsh winter weather
Make sure that your landscape is prepared to weather through the winter.

The harsh winter weather in Maryland can wreak havoc on your trees and shrubs. Winter is filled with cold temperatures, wind, snow, and ice that can damage branches and roots. That’s why today, we wanted to share some tips on how to protect your trees and shrubs this winter.

Water New Trees & Shrubs

Young and newly planted shrubs and trees are susceptible to the effects of harsh winter weather. That’s because the roots of shrubs and new plants haven’t grown very far into the soil. That means it’s important to continue to water new trees and shrubs until the ground freezes. Shrubs and trees will still need water even when summer is over.

Mulch New Trees & Shrubs

When the ground is frozen, you can apply a roughly four-inch layer of mulch to insulate shrubs and young trees. This mulch will help insulate the soil so it will stay frozen and prevent heaving. However, the trunk of a tree will still need breathing room. So when you apply the mulch, make sure to leave breathing room for your new and young trees.

Protection from Animals

Aside from harsh winter weather, the other threat to your shrubs and trees during the winter is animals. Rabbits and mice especially could ravage the bark of a young tree. To prevent this, you can protect tree trunks with tree guards made of plastic or wire. It may not seem like these tiny little animals can do a lot of damage, but you’d be surprised at what your tree would look like after these animals start using it as their new food source.

Protecting Older Trees & Shrubs

Deciduous trees and shrubs have developed a tolerance to harsh winter weather. Many have adapted by going dormant during this time. But even the hardiest trees and shrubs can still be damaged during the winter. Before heavy snow and ice starts to form, remove any dead or rotting branches. Not only will this help prevent disease from spreading throughout the tree, but it will also help prevent your vehicles and property from being damaged by limbs breaking off and crashing into things. But if you aren’t sure which trees need the most protection, make sure to contact a trusted landscape service.

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