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August 4, 2017
Landscaping Tips for Hot Weather
There is no reason why your property can’t remain beautiful through the extraordinarily hot summer months.

The end of summer is nearing, and the weather is hotter than ever. When wrapping up this season in your home, think about what worked about your summer landscape this year. Planning a summer-friendly landscape takes a little extra elbow grease and background knowledge. Here are some helpful tips for landscaping your property for the hottest months of the year.

Get Some Shade

Just like you cannot sit in the direct sun all day and feel comfortable, your plants often can’t either! Make sure that you place sensitive plants in areas of the yard where they receive a good amount of shade. If you don’t have enough shady space in your landscaping, put sensitive plants into portable pots so that you can manually move them during the day. If a large area of plants needs shade, consider using a fabric umbrella or other temporary barrier to block out the sun.

Water Early or Else

The best summer landscaping tip relates to when you water your plants. You should always water your yard in the morning during the summer, or you will risk wasting a good deal of the water. Watering early allows the moisture to penetrate the soil and soak into the roots, where it is most needed. If you water during the day, the water can evaporate before it ever gets into the soil. Watering at night is not a good idea, as soggy plants sitting in the dark can develop diseases and fungi as a result. Always water early in the day to ensure optimal summer plant health.

Use Mulch As Needed

Mulch is a great tool to keep plants moist and healthy during the summer months. Place a couple inches of mulch in your beds and around the base of trees in your yards. This will help to keep the temperature below the surface lower and the moisture level slightly higher.

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