Seasonal maintenance3 Reasons to Plant in the Fall

November 11, 2016
plant in the fall
If you plant in the fall, your plants have a chance to build their roots.

You may be focusing on getting your landscape ready for winter: stocking up on sidewalk salt, removing dead annuals, and tying back shrubs. But did you know that now is also a great time to do some planting? That’s right, while you’re pulling out annuals that are done for the year, you can also put in some new perennials or dig up a big perennial, split it, and plant the separate parts in different parts of the garden to flourish. There are three reasons why fall is a great time to get planting.

Warm Soil

The air may be chilly, but the ground still has all the warmth it’s absorbed from the summer. The earth in your backyard is still vibrant with life and ready to foster new plant roots. Even if we do get a surface frost, it will be weeks before the frost is able to penetrate deep into the soil and reach your plant’s roots. So, if you’re thinking about adding a few perennials to your garden, now is the right time!

Active Roots

In the spring, plants are putting all their energy into pushing out new shoots and buds for fruits and flowers. It’s during the fall that plants focus on root building. That’s why it’s such a great idea to plant in the fall. Anything you have planted now will build a strong foundation of roots so that they can be more successful in the spring. Some homeowners even choose fall to plant their spring bulbs! Having a stronger root structure means that your plants will be more drought-resistant since the roots are longer and deeper.

Increased Moisture

When a plant is focused on root building, they’ll need lots of water to grow. While we sometimes experience droughts in the summer, fall tends to be a more moist season. This is because the lower temperatures keep fall moisture from immediately evaporating. If you choose to plant in the fall, your plants will have the moisture they need to grow strong roots before going dormant for the winter.

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