Blythewood Residence

This stone manor home, originally constructed in the 1910s, is located near the center of Baltimore, MD.Bordering on a restoration project, careful detailing and effort was practiced throughout in order to preserve the authenticity of the space, while creating and connecting to newer elements. The grounds of the property has several old trees similar in age to the house and stone work, which was carefully preserved during the construction of a pool/poolhouse, sports court, and formal lawn.

Oversized and hand chiseled stone was salvaged and paired with new stone which was artificially weathered by hand, and re-laid. Artificially weathered and oversized stepping stones were used to connect the different spaces, as well as a classic and timeless planting scheme anchored in hydrangeas, geraniums, and deutzia's. An enticing glimpse of the rear stone façade and authentic white lattice work can be seen from the road, but the grandeur of the formal lawn and deutzia hillside can only be experienced by invited guests.

The age and character of the material throughout was not to be compromised. All of the paving was oversized, and hand chiseled. This character was to be preserved and therefore required ordering of oversized material bluestone, hand chiseling each stone, and installing with the older material so as to make a cohesive hardscape throughout.
Working around old Eastern Red Cedars was also a challenge and much precaution was taken to protecting their root systems while also installing appropriate sub-base for the terraces. All the monolithic stone steps had to be cut to size, chiseled and then the chiseling had to be thermaled to make them not look "manufactured". There was also an extensive planting scheme including large trees via tree spade, traditional plantings and large drifts of a perennial and bulb matrix.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Year: 2013
Style: Simple & Clean
Service: Design, Furniture production
Space Type: Residential
Status: Completed