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June 23, 2017
Five Outdoor Living Space Upgrades
Upgrade your outdoor living space this summer!

Are you looking for an outdoor living space upgrade? Whether it be a garden, pool or patio, it will not only add value but square footage to your home. Here are some upgrades that you can make your home more vibrant and exciting.

Add Ambience with Light

Light night parties are common during the summer months and additional lighting for your outdoor space. Add some low-level lights to create a path toward a seating area or add torches to make your outdoor space more inviting even in the dark.

Install and Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen gives you some room to breathe and some extra space for big events like summer cookouts or Thanksgiving. Installing an outdoor kitchen can not only make entertaining easier but can keep you from overheating inside on a hot summer day.

Spruce It Up

Sometimes all you need is a touch-up. It is surprising how little you can add to a space that will transform it. A deck without furniture serves no purpose. If your deck is where you put old chairs that you don’t want anymore, reconsider. Splurge and create an outdoor patio set, even if it is only one or two items. This can drastically change how much time you spend outside.

Expand Your Deck

Consider stretching your deck or patio out for more space. When thinking dimensions, make sure your deck or patio is large enough to accommodate a grill and large table to sit around. Depending on how much you entertain, accounting for extra lounge chairs and seats should also be a consideration.

Get a Cover

Another upgrade for your outdoor space is a cover for your patio. When we talk cover, it doesn’t have to cover your patio all the way but having a section that is protected from the sun and elements can help when there is a surprising storm or a particularly hot day.

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