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October 20, 2017
4 Trends In Backyard Design
Brick continues to be a popular building material!

Are you looking to spruce up your backyard this fall? Many homeowners shy away from redesigning their properties because they are afraid they will end up breaking the bank. There are several affordable routes you can take to transform your backyard. Many of which, should provide your home with a tremendous amount of curb appeal! Here are a few things that are currently trending in backyard design that you can consider for your backyard!

Water Features

A beautiful water feature can be an excellent focal point to your backyard. Fountains are slowing gaining more popularity in recent years. The same can be said for fountains and koi ponds. There is something unbelievably tranquil about having a water feature in your yard. Not only are they beautiful but they can also be therapeutic to be around.


If you are seeking a more earthy look for your backyard, you should consider hardscaping as a viable option. There are several different types of stone you can incorporate into your yard. For example, granite and marble are excellent materials for creating outdoor water features.

Fire Pits

If you are the kind of person who likes to entertain, a fire pit is a terrific option for you! Toasting marshmallows is a fun activity for all ages! Your new fire pit doesn’t need to be overly extravagant. If you are looking for a fun DIY project, consider building your very own fire pit! Depending on the look you want, you can choose to use brick or a particular type of stone. If you are not a particularly handy individual, you can also bring in a trained professional to get the job done!

Dining Areas

If you are looking for more ways to spend time outside and enjoy you must consider incorporating a dining area. If you want to be able to entertain guests, you need a decent table! During the spring and summer months, your family and friends can use it when having barbeques! A dining area is a beautiful addition to your backyard that you will enjoy for years!

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