Our Hardscapes.

Your Vision Set In Stone.

Like a blueprint for your landscape, hardscapes determine the flow of movement and rest. They lead the way with steps and walkways. And invite us to pause, with terraces, pool decks, patios and retaining walls.

Rendered in brick, pavers or stone, hardscapes are meant to last. But just how well they endure really depends on the quality of installation.

The Road To Satisfaction

Is Paved By Pinehurst Craftsmen.

Varied textures of stone blended beneath your feet are a beautiful thing to behold. But how beautiful will it be when the mortar crumbles and the stones begin to fall?

Pinehurst’s best practices are applied at every juncture, and especially to what lies beneath. Experts in complex landscape construction, we know how to create the underpinnings that keep everything in place. Our careful preparation is key to hardscapes that withstand the test of time.

As a result, the hardscapes we build today bring enjoyment for countless tomorrows.


Choices Beyond Nature’s Bounty.

To create a cohesive style, we choose materials that match your existing structures. Which is why our resources feature locally-sourced stone, including such favorites as Butler stone and others naturally found in Maryland and surrounding areas.

In addition, we offer a number of other options to bring your vision to life.

Hardscape materials include:

• Natural stone
• Brick
• Concrete
• Engineered stone

Our landscape experts will assist you in selecting the hardscape materials that best suit your project and your existing surrounds.

Retaining Walls That Retain Interest

Executed in natural stone or other materials, retaining walls provide visual interest and can define a sitting area. Your Pinehurst designer is an expert in determining where retaining walls are beneficial in your landscape design. And will ensure they are integrated into the overall plan with grace and a sense of belonging.


Landing on the Perfect Patio and Pool Deck

Like a living room for the outdoors, a patio provides a defined area for dining, entertaining or play. And a pool deck invites you to lounge and make the most of sunny days.

Together, they offer an opportunity to mix and match surfaces for a backyard that is uniquely yours.

So ask yourself, do you prefer a casual or formal design? One with walkways and stepping stones to invite exploration? A built-in grill station for al fresco brunches? Maybe a fire pit or fireplace for cozy evenings that last long after summer has gone? We are proficient at all these options. And we can expertly incorporate your preferences into your overall design.

A great hardscape plan leads you through the landscape, providing passages, places to land, and stunning views along the way. Let our Pinehurst experts show you how hardscapes can enhance the beauty of your property.


Pinehurst Landscape Company has been providing quality landscape design services throughout Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, and Anne Arundel County. Each project begins with a meticulous design process to ensure that we create a finished product that you not only love, but also meets your needs. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust our talented landscape designers to transform your backyard into a space where you truly enjoy spending time.

Let's Design Together

Our team of talented landscape architects, foreman and crewmembers are committed to customer satisfaction. For our clients this translates as exceptional service from a dedicated team that has worked together effectively for years and can efficiently complete a project to the highest standards.
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