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May 6, 2016
shade garden
This Guilford shade garden incorporates over 40 existing azaleas.

We recently finished a landscaping project in Guilford, Baltimore that serves as an excellent example of an urban shade garden. Our designer Chris Pluemer rearranged over 40 azaleas in order to incorporate existing plants into a completely new design. The new design incorporates a patio, water feature, outdoor lighting, and various new plants. If you are thinking of building a shade garden on your property, take a moment to look at all the shining qualities of this particular Guilford shade garden.


shade garden
Carefully-placed retaining walls and plants make this backyard oasis private and intimate.

One of the reasons homeowners choose to install a shade garden is that it affords a sense of seclusion and privacy. We built this patio to be small and intimate without being cramped. Especially when creating urban landscaping, it’s important to strike a good balance between intimate and cramped. Luckily, this particular location had a lot of space to work with, but there are individual aspects, such as the cozy patio, that work spectacularly in a small urban space. Additionally, carefully-placed retaining walls help to sculpt the space into an inviting and secluded area.

The Right Plants

shade garden
The juxtaposition of purple iris and azaleas makes for a vibrant display of blooms.

When designing a new landscaping project, we work closely with our clients to incorporate existing plants as well as introduce new plants that will thrive in their new setting. We encourage clients to visit our nursery to see the new plants that will be a part of their new landscape. For this project, we were able to conserve over 40 existing azaleas by transplanting them to new points around the landscape. We love the client’s azaleas because they add exciting bursts of colorful flowers throughout the backyard. To keep with the theme of colorful flowers, we also re-used purple iris for regal punctuations of deep purple and the homeowner provided a trellis with clematis that will eventually grow into thick layers of vines and bright purple flowers, adding not only to the beauty but also the privacy of this backyard paradise. To make sure the colorful flowers aren’t too overwhelming, we again transplanted hostas to add to the green vegetation and a Japanese Maple to act as a natural focal point.

Finishing Touches

shade garden
The lighting blends seamlessly with the rest of the design.

Finally, the right lighting along with a meditative water feature help to set off the landscape and create a soothing atmosphere. We positioned the lighting so that it is unobtrusive during the day and able to provide light during the night. Incorporating lighting to your design is a great way to make your landscape safer at night by lighting up potential tripping hazards and deterring thieves who don’t want to be seen. Lighting is also a great way to accentuate certain features in your landscape and really lend that sense of wonder to your new landscape.

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