Corporate landscaping5 Landscape Features that Enhance Any Commercial Property

March 1, 2017
commercial landscaping features
Bright pops of color from a tasteful arrangement of flowers really makes your landscaping stand out.

Landscape features can do a lot when it comes to enhancing any commercial property. That eye-catching pop of design magic that says you go a step beyond might be just what you need to draw in clients, customers, and others. If you are wondering what landscape features to choose for your commercial property, keep these handy tips in mind.

A Pop Of Color

Color can brighten up your property. Making it look alive and inviting. By choosing native plants you can get a beautiful touch of color with minimal maintenance year round. Annual and perennial color are excellent options along entrances or wherever else you want to make a bold statement.

Don’t Forget About your Turf

While everyone focuses on the beautiful flowers, don’t forget that most of your landscape is grass. Even the most beautiful plants will look faded if they are in a brown and unkempt lawn. You want to keep your entire lawn green, happy, and weed free.

All Of The Lights

Lighting is one of the most practical of landscape features. If people will be accessing your commercial property after dark, particularly the elderly, make sure it’s well lit up to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Give People Places To Walk And Sit

Make your commercial property a place people want to be by making it comfortable and fun. Patios, sitting areas, sidewalks, and benches add to your curb appeal and make people feel welcome. Particularly for the very young, old, or differently abled, these fixtures are a must have.

Water Smart

Correctly used and maintained irrigation systems are key to any sort of sustainable property. Regardless of the type of system you choose, perform regular checks to make sure it is doing its part to keep your property lush, green, and beautiful. A contractor you trust should also perform regular inspections and update your system when necessary.

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