Corporate landscaping3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business’ Curb Appeal

September 23, 2016
curb appeal
Hardscaping combined with gorgeous seasonal plants can boost your curb appeal and help your business to make a great impression.

We’ve discussed how important landscaping is to a commercial property. Your business’ landscaping provides that all-important first impression. It invites new clients and catches the eye. It also gives something back to the community, whether it’s something that can be used–such as a bench or fountain–or simply a gorgeous array of flowers that beautify the block.

Embarking upon a brand new landscaping project may seem a bit intimidating, especially if you’ve never had your property landscaped before. No need to worry, just leave it to us. There are a few easy features we can incorporate into your landscaping that work extra hard at making your commercial property stand out. Here are some easy ways to boost your business’ curb appeal with landscaping.

Install Seasonal Color

Everybody loves to see the budding blooms of spring, the fiery flowers of summer, the rustic colors of fall, and the stark contrast of berries and evergreens against snow during the winter. Thoughtful planting can ensure that your commercial property puts on a show year round. Some favorites include knock-out roses, hydrangeas, pansies, and marigolds. Of course, the plants you choose will depend just as much upon your soil and climate as they will upon your personal preferences. Your designer will work with you to select a balanced variety of plants that will perform year round.

Go Low-Maintenance

Many homeowners and business owners alike want to have a landscape that requires as little effort as possible to maintain. While low-maintenance landscapes often require a lot of work upfront, there are a few things you can do that will cut down your maintenance time. For example, instead of planting a bed full of flowers that all have different maintenance requirements, you can opt for groundcover plants that cover large areas with little maintenance. Certain shrubs, such as boxwoods and evergreens, also require little maintenance beyond the occasional trimming. However, low-maintenance doesn’t mean “plant it and leave it”. You should always be keeping an eye on your plants for signs of disease or infestation. The moment something doesn’t look right, be sure to give us a call. And, if you really don’t want to put the time into doing seasonal maintenance, you can always utilize our landscape maintenance services!

Add Some Hardscaping

If you really want something that’s going to wow onlookers, consider having some custom hardscaping installed. Custom hardscaping adds a sophisticated and even interactive element to your property. A retaining wall can also serve as a seat for clients to take a break, and a walkway can lead clients through a beautifully landscaped path. You can really impress by adding a corporate fountain! Kids and adults alike can benefit from the meditative qualities of a jaw-dropping water feature.

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