Perhaps your neighbors just planted a tidy row of Leyland Cypresses, and you’re so enamored with them you’d like to have some in your yard as well. However, if your yard is substantially smaller than your neighbors, those young Leyland Cypresses could grow into a big problem. Before you know it, the shrub border around your home has grown so tall that it’s blocking the view out of your windows and overtaking the balance of your entire landscape. When we create designs for our clients, we take situations like this into account during the planning stage. No matter how much you love the Leyland Cypress, if you have a small yard, you may not have room for it when it’s full grown. Here are some small trees that look charming in a small backyard.

We recently finished a landscaping project in Guilford, Baltimore that serves as an excellent example of an urban shade garden. Our designer Chris Pluemer rearranged over 40 azaleas in order to incorporate existing plants into a completely new design. The new design incorporates a patio, water feature, outdoor lighting, and various new plants. If you are thinking of building a shade garden on your property, take a moment to look at all the shining qualities of this particular Guilford shade garden.

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