During the winter months, landscape design and maintenance is probably not near the front of your mind but consider some of the benefits there are for maintaining and pruning your trees and plants in the winter. Because most of your plants will be dormant, it’s healthier for them because it lessens the chance of diseases and insect infestations from getting in at your cut points. Although it’ll be cold outside, your plants will be prepared to grow and thrive in the spring.

The cold winter weather is quickly approaching. The winter months are the dormant season for many flower and plants species. Many homeowners are under the impression that there is nothing they can do for their lawns during the winter season. This is a misconception and definitely not the case! If you want to have a lush green lawn when spring rolls around, it is essential that you give your lawn some attention during the winter season! Check out these winter lawn care practices you should be mindful of as the outside temperature begins to plummet!

Winter is just around the corner, and as a homeowner, there are several steps you must take to get your outdoor landscape ready for the upcoming months. Winter is the dormant season for most forms of plant life so it is essential to be mindful and prepared for what the cold weather will bring. With that said, consider the following tips for getting your property ready for winter!

Mulching is a necessary step to keep the overall health of your landscape in good condition. Gardeners use many different materials to mulch, including bark chips, compost, and even manure. When working on your landscape, remember the importance of mulching to maintain a beautiful and appealing outdoor space. If this is a step that you’ve been skipping, here are some of the benefits that make mulching necessary.

Do you have trees on your property? Many of us do; however, not everyone knows how to prune them correctly. Several species of trees can benefit from pruning. Not only does pruning improve the look of your outdoor landscape, but is beneficial to the overall health of a tree. For these reasons, here is a brief overview of tree pruning.

When addressing your landscaping maintenance, the look and health of your trees should be a top priority. Trees are often a focal point for many landscaping designs and ensuring that they remain in excellent condition will enhance the look of your property. Also, taking the time to prune your trees could end up saving you time and money in the future. With that said, here is what you need to know about pruning a tree.

The end of summer is nearing, and the weather is hotter than ever. When wrapping up this season in your home, think about what worked about your summer landscape this year. Planning a summer-friendly landscape takes a little extra elbow grease and background knowledge. Here are some helpful tips for landscaping your property for the hottest months of the year.

Unfortunately, the warm days of summer don’t mean that you can slack off on your seasonal maintenance and let your landscape fall to the wayside. It’s important that you maintain your landscaping all summer long so that it’s ready for the beautiful fall and the chill of winter. Here are five of our best landscape tips to get your seasonal maintenance out of the way before the next barbecue.

The second the weather gets warm, people want to extend their livable space and partake in the beautiful weather with some outdoor living. After the cold winter, people are excited to be out in the sun again. However, seasonal maintenance is key to your outdoor living experience. Happy, green trees and a healthy lawn can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you care for your property during the warmer months.

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