Landscape designHow to Incorporate Brick into Your Outdoor Landscape

March 1, 2018
How to Incorporate Brick into Your Outdoor Landscape
Have you ever considered incorporating brick into your landscape?

Brick could be the perfect answer to your question of adding more dimension, texture, and color to your landscaping design. It’s a versatile building material that you can use to create any structure that you can imagine. Use these tips to incorporate brick into your outdoor landscape.  

Creating A Link

Try to think of brick in a traditional way. Use it as a way to link various areas of your landscape together. Whether that means using it as a pathway from your garden to your patio or from your patio to your pool, brick adds cohesion to a space. It will help turn these detached areas into one connected area.   

Use the Sharp Lines

Although brick is a versatile building material with which people can create many shapes and structures, using straight, clean lines is a great way to create a modern space. Surrounded by the flexibility and growth of your landscape, the straight lines of brick can create the perfect contrast. In your pathway or steps, the juxtaposition of those characteristics to the flow of your landscape is contemporary and chic.

Play With Patterns   

Think of the landscape as a canvas. Create art with brick by creating unique patterns that will stand out against the background. Patterns like herringbone, basket weave, or other running bond variations will go a long way to creating an innovative and charming look.

Think about Color

When we think about brick, most people probably image the bright red color of the traditional look. However, remember that you can brick in colors that include blue, gray, tan, or black. Depending on the colors of your home and the design that you’re going for, you can play with color to add a dramatic effect to the space. It will allow you to go for a subtle look or bold accent.

Create Separation

We talked about using brick as a way to link different areas of your yard, but it can also be a great way to divide the space. Create outdoor living rooms with brick walls. They’ll help designate certain areas of your landscape that you’ll use for various purposes, including grilling, entertaining, and gardening.

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