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May 23, 2016
fast-growing plants
This evergreen border gives this water feature a sense of depth while also serving as a fast-growing privacy border.

An easy way to boost your curb appeal is to plant eye-catching, colorful flowers. While we do offer plants that are already blooming, it can still sometimes take time for the blooms to fill out or for vines to grow up a trellis. Some homeowners don’t want to wait for their new vegetation to grow into full, impressive blooms. If you hate waiting, then you can choose some of these fast-growing plants for (almost) instant curb appeal.


Clematis is a hardy climbing plant that sports large flowers in brilliant shades of purple, white, or pink. This impressive plant is great for those who don’t like to wait; it can grow up to 30 feet in just a few months! Clematis also tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions and can flourish in part or full sun. If you want a lush, floral trellis, then clematis is the way to go.

Thuja “Green Giant”

For a fast-growing privacy border, the Thuja or “Green Giant” looks impressive and grows quickly. Not only does this evergreen look regal and classic year-round, it’s also disease resistant and drought-tolerant. Growing three to five feet per year, the Thuja quickly creates a secluded and cozy space that will last for many years to come.

Kerria Japonica

Kerria Japonica, also known as Japanese Rose or Easter Rose, is a gorgeous flowering shrub that is native to mountainous regions in China and Japan. It will typically reach three to six feet tall and six to eight feet wide, with flowers that resemble yellow roses blooming profusely around Easter. This blooming shrub works great in shady areas or as an informal shrub border.

Little Bluestem

Little bluestem is a gorgeous ornamental grass that requires very little maintenance. It’s named for the lavender-blue color of the base of the plant. This elegant grass grows during the warm season in upright groups of slender, bluish-green leaves. Growing up to two to four feet tall, this ornamental plant makes a big impact in a small amount of time.

Black-Eyed Susan

What is a Maryland garden without Black-Eyed Susans? Not only is the Black-Eyed Susan our state flower, its brilliant yellow flowers also attract butterflies! Large groupings of this colorful flower create a beautiful spectacle when they all bloom in the summer. These flowers grow to be one to three feet tall, although they are an annual and will need to be replanted every year. But the work is worth the beautiful summer blooms!

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