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February 1, 2018
5 Winter Landscaping Tips
Don’t neglect your property this winter season! Maintain it with these tips.

Many people think that when the winter comes, all you have to do it be patient and wait for the warmth of spring to bring new growth to your landscape, but there are many steps you can take to help ensure that it will remain as lush and strong as it was the previous year.

Lawn Preparation

As with trees, flowers, and shrubs, your lawn also goes dormant during the winter months. Keep leaves and other debris off your lawn by raking them up. Cut your grass shorter, to between two and two and a half inches. This helps protect new growth and will minimize the ability for pests to feed off your lawn.  Finally, be sure to aerate and fertilize your lawn before the first freeze of the season to help draw nutrients when the weather begins to warm up again.

Tree and Shrub Protection

Add some mulch around the base of your trees, plants, and shrubs for extra protection in the winter. It helps control erosion and loss of water. Prune your trees and apply an anti-transpirant to help prevent water loss in the winter and guard against dehydration. In very harsh weather, wraps your trees and shrubs in burlap.

Minimizing Salt Damage

When you apply salt to your walkways and driveways, melting snow and ice can carry it into your lawn and flowerbeds. The chemicals in these products can damage plants and trees by drawing water away from their root systems. Flush out the salt from these areas by watering those areas.   

Environmentally-friendly Tips

In the winter, you can recycle leftover fruits and vegetables from when you cook by taking them outside. Pumpkins, squash, and berries make great bases for starting your own compost.


It may seem like a counterintuitive tip but remember to keep watering your plants. Your plant-life still requires water during the cold months for growth in the coming spring. If your plants don’t receive enough water, they will become susceptible to damage from dehydration, and disease.

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