Landscape design5 Ways To Make Your Landscape Look Bigger

February 23, 2018
5 Ways To Make Your Landscape Look Bigger
Your landscaping design and yard should seem to be an extension of your home.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an expansive green lawn that flows away from your home, down to a beautiful river? Most of us do not have such extensive properties and are perfectly content with a small plot of land to call home. There are things you can do to enhance your lawn with a thoughtfully planned landscape design that can make your yard look bigger!

Dazzle them first

Start by emphasizing the entrance. When you have beautiful flowers and plants near the entry, people will notice how lovely the landscape is and will not focus on the size of the property. A curved walkway helps to create more interest than a straight sidewalk. Line the path with assorted plants and flowers placed in random spots for best results.


Your house and landscape should go together, merging and blending in a seamless transition. Your landscaping design and yard should seem to be an extension of your home, not separate areas that have nothing in common. If you have a wall or fence that is not particularly attractive, make use of climbing plants to cover those areas. Try fast-growing climbing roses, aromatic honeysuckle, or various colors of clematis.

Step It Up

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that it has to be dull and boring. Add some excitement with terraced gardens, steps, or levels. A stepped patio or raised garden looks very attractive and inviting. Just be careful not to put in too many plants. Overcrowding is a reminder that the space is too small for the number of plants you have chosen.

Just Add water

A koi pond requires a good deal of space and attention. However, you can get a similar feel by merely cutting a barrel in half, burying it, and filling it with water.

Victory garden

You don’t need a huge area to have a nice vegetable garden. Use trellises so plants like green beans and lima beans can grow up, not out. This saves space and looks great. Plus you will have fresh produce all summer long. Your landscape will seem much bigger when you have your own special garden full of delicious vegetables.

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