Landscape designThe 5 Layers of Your Landscaping

May 15, 2017
layers of your landscaping
Understanding the layers of your landscaping can help you to plan and maintain your landscape better.

Quality landscaping and hardscaping can seem like a confusing ordeal full of planning, designing, planting, and maintenance. However, once you start to view the layers of your landscaping, it can be quite easy and interesting to tackle your landscape. Here are the five main layers of your landscaping.


The sky layer of your landscaping includes everything in your yard that is incredibly tall, like shade trees or evergreen trees. This category includes oak, maple, ash, birch, beech, pine, spruce, and hemlock trees. If you have these trees in your yard, they are probably at least 40 feet tall (and they can get much higher). When working in the sky zone, hire professionals who are familiar with big trees and have the tools for the job.


Many more trees fall into this layer of your landscaping including younger versions of sky-high trees, ornamental trees, flower trees, and fruit trees. These trees are a bit taller, but they are much closer to eye-level than the others. This domain is still typically a professionals-only realm unless you have a wealth of experience safely dealing with trees of this height.


This is one of the prettiest layers of your landscaping, as it includes just about every shrub known to man. Big shrubs like lilacs and witch hazels, mid-range shrubs like rhododendrons and mountain laurels, and low-level shrubs like roses and hydrangea are all included. If you aren’t experienced with pruning a type of shrub in your yard, call in the professionals to get the job done right.

Ground Level

This category includes everything that covers the ground or is very low to the ground in your landscaping, like low shrubs and perennials. This layer can be used to host perennial gardens, ground cover beds, and even the lawn. If you aren’t an experienced gardener, this is the best area for you to try to learn on your own.


The soil is the base of everything else in your landscaping, so ensuring its health will help ensure the health of all of your layers of landscaping.

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