Landscape design4 Plants to Grow for Privacy

June 13, 2016
privacy barrier
Well-maintained boxwood bushes make for a neat privacy hedge.

One of the reasons many people choose to landscape their backyards is to add some privacy to their home. Your backyard should be a space where you can go to relax without seeing stares from passersby. Choosing plants that add privacy to your backyard is a great way to really own your space. Here are a few great plants for transforming your backyard from open and bustling to quiet and secluded.


Arborvitae is among the most popular choices for building a living privacy barrier. And it’s easy to see why; its lush, evergreen foliage blocks sounds and view while adding a flair of sophistication. These dense plants are cold hardy and low maintenance, so once they are planted you’ll barely have to think about them. They also come in several sizes, from dwarf to giant, so you can choose precisely the right size for your space. Our designers can help you choose the best variety for your yard.


Boxwood is another popular choice for a living fence. Boxwood looks impressive when meticulously manicured and still looks lovely when less maintained. When allowed to grow freely, some varieties of Boxwood can reach 20 feet tall! It also comes in beautiful shades of deep green or variegated white and gold. If you prefer to grow in containers that you can move later, then the Boxwood is the right plant for the job. These bushes are easily kept in planters that can be moved.


Holly is a traditional bush that adds extra charm to a winter landscape as well as extra privacy year round. Holly bushes come in several varieties, from tall trees to dense shrubs. The appearance of holly leaves also varies, from green to variegated and from prickly to smooth. The wide selection of different styles of holly bushes makes them great for fitting into any landscape.


Photinia’s glossy leaves and deep green color makes it a great plant for creating a rich, topical effect in your backyard while also shielding your yard from prying eyes. Photinia can be allowed to grow out or works well when trimmed and cultivated. This unique plant adds eye-catching interest, especially when paired with other plants or a wall or fence.

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